General Certificate event success – March 2018

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Successful General Certificate event in Tassie
Our congratulations to the 24 students who travelled to Tasmania for the most recent General Certificate of Distilling in March 2018, delivered in partnership with the Institute of Brewing and Distilling here in Australia. Not only was it damn good fun but an awesome opportunity to learn, meet amazing like minded people and share some of the challenges related to making the perfect spirit.

Again for us the highlight of the event was both the places we visited (Shambles Brewery, Nant Distillery, Sullivans Cove, Tas Cask Company) and the individual stories of the distillers and where they are in their journey.

A few highlights from the event:

Monday 12 March 

Meet and greet and getting to know everyone and where they are from in Australia. Seeing our crazy mate and trainer Alan Barclay again all the way from Scotland.

The visit to Shambles Brewery and the talk from legend Cornel who inspired us and then suggested we try his beer.

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Tuesday 13 March

A great day talking about distilling techniques and casks followed by a visit to the Cask Company and Sullivans Cove Distillery.

The crew at Tas Cask Co fired a barrel for us and shows us how they are constructed and treated. We finished our chat at Sullivans with a lovely sample of their American Oak Cask Strength whisky.

Wednesday 14 March

A favourite for most was the day at the Nant Distillery in Bothwell. We had a chance to see the whole process from malt, through fermenting and distilling and the maturation process. A stunning and very lucky day topped off with a drink with Jack and the team.

Thursday 15 March

A day of winding up the formal part of the event and topped off with our Distillers Drinks function at the end of the day. Joined by a good contingent of Tassie distillers. Thanks guys and a few fun lucky door prizes.  Thanks to Cam and Suzy from Spring Bay Distillery, Heather fro Sullivans Cove, Jack from Nant and the team at the Woolstore.

Friday 16 March

A bit of business and aroma to finish up the week.  Interesting education and great speakers talking about the business of distilling. Thanks to Troy from Experience Consulting, Daniel from Futago and our distillers panel Bill McHenry, Kristy Booth-Lark and Tim Jones from Willie Smiths.

We look forward to the next one. Details at