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The Tasmanian Whisky Academy offers education courses in whisky distilling for enthusiasts, hospitality people, visitors and tourists, and for those interested in working in the distilling and brewing industries.

Our goal is to connect people who love whisky and want to know more, with people who can help.

Our courses are designed to connect people who love whisky, want to work in distilling, or are thinking of opening their own distillery and connect them with amazing Tasmanian places (distilleries and breweries) that will provide insight into what it involves. Our students also often get to meet some amazing Tassie whisky people while they’re here.

Tasmanian whisky, beer and cider is gaining a global reputation. The Tasmanian Whisky Academy’s goal is to help grow opportunities in the local industry through education and provide an exceptional education experiences for people who visit our Island State.

Our story

In 2010, Director of The Academy Anne Gigney had one of those lucky Tasmanian experiences which has a common thread in the Tasmanian whisky industry. She met Bill Lark.

Bill, the jolly great that is Tasmanian whisky, agreed back then that training and education experiences certainly had a role in the future of the Tasmanian whisky industry and with a good shove of encouragement, Anne and partner Chris Bennett began to investigate the best way to connect people who love whisky, or wanted to work in the industry with the experience of being in the distillery itself to understand and learn how Tasmanian whisky is made.

In took some time, and in mid 2015 the Tasmanian Whisky Academy formally began its life. Firstly launching its brand (very quietly ) in April 2016, and then promoting the Tasmanian Introduction to Distilling (Our Whisky 101) in August 2016. The first course ran with great response in November 2016 and courses have continued to grow since then. Our first industry course – the General Certificate in Distilling event – took place in March 2017 with these now running every six months for industry.

The last few years for The Academy and for Anne Gigney has been busy. We have grow the courses, undertaken a skills assessment of the Tasmanian industry, found time to check out the Irish Whiskey Academy in Ireland (we had to visit the Guinness Factory and a few distilleries too) , met most of those who work in whisky in Tasmania, delivered the General Certificate of Distilling with partner The Institute of Brewing and Distilling and met some great Australian (and international) distillers in the process.

From here, there’s lots more being developed, done, shared and built. We have plans for some hands-on training and more in the qualifications space.  Stay tuned to our news or Whisky Academy Tas Facebook for updates, we have some great things planned.

Get thee to The Academy.

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