studying distilling

Our Approach

The Academy connects people who want to know about distilling with the people who've been there. We connect people who are looking for knowledge and guidance with the courses and organisations that can help them achieve their dreams.

Recently we launched Planning your Successful Distillery course with The Distillers Institute, designed to help peopl navigate all aspects of business setup. Visit for more information.

If you need help with technical courses then we can point you in the direction of the Institute of Brewing and Distilling and their technical courses.

The Foundations of Distilling courses, from March 2020, are run by Drinkmakers Australia.

Our Story

Anne Gigney started the Tasmanian Whisky Academy in 2015, recognising a need for people who wanted to enter the spirits industry to learn about business, technical and marketing aspecs of distilling. Since 2015 many of Australia's distillers have joined Anne as part of their journey. In April 2020, Anne and co-directors Troy Trewin, Brett Steel and Ian Thorn launched The Distillers Institute - the next level in distilling education.

Start your distilling journey

Join us to start your journey to create your gin or whisky distillery or to start on your pathway towards a role in distilling. Visit our booking page.