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Great mates: Our partners in distilling

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The success of the Tasmanian Whisky Academy and our courses is forged on the back of an amazing and supportive distilling industry in Tasmania. Quite frankly. Without the help of the people in the industry in Tasmania the chance for people to connect with the knowledge here would be pretty…

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Course pic with Shane Kinlock

Whisky Dad Blog. A good whisky read.

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In November 2017 The Tasmanian Whisky Academy ran in inaugural Tasmanian Introduction to Distilling.  One of the fellows who joined us for the day was a great whisky enthusiast named Shane who had embarked on the creation of a whisky site called Whisky Dad Blog – a real life look…

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Distillers Training in Tassie

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IBD distiller training in Tassie, 27-30 March We’re pleased to announce that The Academy will be partnering with the Institute of Brewers and Distillers to run Australia’s first residential training event for the IBD General Certificate of Distilling. This 4-day event picks up the curriculum of the General Certificate and and…

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