Tasmanian Distilling Industry Skills and Workforce Report

cover pic of workforce report

cover pic of workforce reportWe’re pleased to be able to share the release of the Tasmanian Distilling Industry Workforce Report. This has been a great experience to speak with and meet most of the distillers in Tasmania during 2016 as well as gaining insights, and seeing similarities and differences between Tasmania, mainland distilleries and those overseas.

My view is that there are tremendous opportunities for our distillers individually and for the industry as a whole. While we are still quite small, even since we did the initial research into this report, employment in the industry has grown a further 10-20% as new distilleries emerge, grow or diversify. And there is no sign of this slowing down.

Globally, our whiskies (and increasingly our other spirits) are in hot demand. Every award that a Tasmanian distillery wins provides international recognition for our great whiskies (and our lovely barley, fresh water, tremendous climate) and why not our amazing and talented distillers.

The report identifies that Tasmania, and the Australian industry as a whole, is on the brink of something quite extraordinary. And taking our distilling industry and the people within it on that journey and recognizing them for their skills in crafting great spirits can only do good things for our whisky brands.

We look forward to seeing the Tasmanian distilling industry further embracing investment in its workforce, working with like industries to further develop opportunities related to tourism and taking a lead in developing the reputation of Tasmania as a great place to see, experience and learn the skills of distilling.

The report can be found at Skills Tasmania’s website – https://www.skills.tas.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0015/147012/Tasmanian_Distilling_Industry_Workforce_Report_2017.pdf