Engaging industry in technical learning

The Whisky academy IBD crew at the Hobart Brewing Company talking mashing

Our recent Australian distiller’s technical event in Tasmania highlighted the need to continue to provide high-quality education solutions to people in the distilling industry.

Held over 4 days, we worked with the Institute of Brewing and Distilling to deliver what is a world-class technical distilling curriculum that helps people in the industry to consolidate their learning and provide the knowledge, and sometimes the confidence, to explore the technical limits of their own distilling.

For us, it was the perfect example of how formalised learning, coupled with room to network and share ideas amongst industry peers, can deliver outstanding results.

For me personally, it was an honour to be in the company of the next wave of Australian distilling.  Everyone of the 26 distillers who joined us has an exciting time ahead. And as the industry continued to grow the skills and knowledge of our distillers will ensure the continued development of the industry.

Well done team and the Institute of Brewing and Distilling for a worthwhile week, and to our partners the Old Woolstore, Hadleys, Willie Smiths, Hobart Brewing Co and McHenry Distillers for making it possible.

Thanks to all

Anne Gigney

Director – Tasmanian Whisky Academy

Intreview with trainer Alan Barclay