Foundations of Distilling – January 2019

By February 4, 2019courses, Distilleries
Inside Sullivans Cove Distillery

The Whisky academy’s Foundations of Distilling in January 2019 kicked off the Summer Season in Tasmania this year.

A lively crew from around Australia visited The Academy to get the low down on the sorts of things they need to think about, prepare for and undertake as they embark on their combined goals of opening and owning their own distillery.

The big crew arrives to Tasmania amidst unseasonably hot weather (35C+) to a town shrouded in bushfire smoke.  While the atmosphere was toasty, many cooled down the night before at one of the local craft breweries or spirit bars around town with the goal to become familiar with the  Tassie spirits.

We now have over 40 distilleries in Tasmania and when you land in the Island State you can enjoy a good selection of gins, vodka, whiskies and a few other special treats at many of the great little bars around town.

The two days was a mixed bag of learning, seeing and experiencing and we travelled from Hadleys Orient Hotel, to Moo brew, out to Sullivans Cove Whisky before heading to both Killara Distillery on the Friday and finishing with Hobart Whisky.

A brilliant few days with some seriously motivated people. The crew came from NSW, Victoria, Queensland and Tasmania.

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