General Certificate of Distilling

The whole group at IBD distillers event

Banner showing people from the IBD coursesWe’re pleased to announce the 2019 partnership with the Institute of Brewing and Distilling, with the overview course of the IBD General Certificate of Distilling.

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IBD GCD for 2019 itinerary

What’s the same and what’s different?

This course is based on IBD General Certificate of Distilling and will be delivered by accredited IBD trainers. We also this year have some special guests, who are experts in their designated fields, who will be sharing their experiences with us about business, marketing, investment and their experiences in distilleries.

Like previous years, we will have an intake of 25 people who are interested to increase their technical knowledge of distilling through IBD’s world class curriculum. Having had 75 of Australia’s best through it already, we know the three day course will provide opportunities to learn, to network, to think about your distilling business and to improve your technical expertise.  We also hope it will help cement the concepts of distilling to assist those who will be undertaking the IBD exam this year.  it is important to note however, that the course is not revision for the exam. It covers some of the content of the exam but is strongly focused on improving the technical knowledge of people in the industry.

It has been designed to be  a brilliant three day in Tasmania, exploring technical content and providing visibility to some unique distilling businesses.


This course has been designed to cover key areas of distilling including content from the Institute of Brewing and Distilling’s General Certificate of Distilling.

It covers some of the General Certificate content to help students with revision for exams, with the focus on providing an understanding of key pieces related to distilling technology, understanding reflux, activity within the still, mashing and fermenting technology and process, distillation and post distillation management including wood and blending.

It will feature IBD presenters, business experts, new content that also covers gin and guest presenters and venues from the industry.


  • Attendance at event
  • Transport to and from distillery venues
  • Catering for all three day’s events
  • Materials to take home
  • 1x ticket to the distiller’s networking function
  • Time, materials and presenters



Session 1: Distillery technology and setup    

  • Distilling overview and chemistry
  • Choosing quality ingredients (whisky and gin)
  • Distillery technology overview – Grain – Mill –Mash -Distillery tech

Session 2:  Mashing technology and decisions 

  • Distilling mashing tech
  • Mashing process and using a brewer for mash
  • Microbiology and CIP practices

Session 3:  The Business of Distilling at Hobart Brewing Company

  • Making decisions about your distillery business
  • Investment options for commencing and growing your distillery
  • Set up of your distillery – some ideas and examples
  • Thinking about marketing and getting branding right
  • Famil at the Brewery and drinks


Session 4:  Quality management in distilleries

  • Cuts and quality management
  • Waste management/Water management/environmental consideration
  • Setup and optimising distillery set up and flow demo & discussion –
  • Packaging and bottling line demo & discussion

 Distillery famil and tour- Lark 

  • Look at distillery mash set up, fermentation and general distillery set up
  • Look at gin set up compared to whisky set up

Distillery famil and tour- Sullivans Cove

  •  Look at distilling setup and bottling.
  • Discuss cuts and importance of quality management
  • Discuss wood and storage


Session 5: Maturation and post distillation management   

  •  The role of wood
  •  Options and sizes of casks
  •  Storage and management (including racking)
  •  Ageing and blending

Session 6: Online and exam overview with IBD and function

Distillers networking function and drinks at Apple Shed including

  • Amazing Tasmanian gourmet treats,
  • Tasmanian cider tasting paddle
  • Cidery Tour and run through apple fermentation
  • Distillery tour and toast
  • speakers and guests.

Tickets are included in your booking.

The course is ideal for people who are already distilling and want to better understand the chemical and physical transformations that occur in the process of distilling.  IBD’s General Certificate course provides an industry recognised foundation for the establishment of global distilling careers and focuses on quality online learning, supported by events such as these.

Prerequisites and advice

It is suggested that people doing the course have some knowledge or experience within distilling or brewing, have a science degree, have completed a Tasmanian Whisky Academy Foundations of Distilling course, or have undertaken the IBD’s Fundamentals of Distilling course. It is not suitable to attend this course if you have no experience.

Further information about the the opportunities within IBD can be found by visiting the IBD Asia Pacific website or by calling the IBD Asia Pacific Secretary.

All attendees must be aged 18 years or over.

Cancellations can be made to the course, but will attract a 5% administrator fee if made after 12 April 2019.

Part payments are possible to secure positions but full payment must be made by 15 April 2019.

Gift vouchers can be purchased as part or full amount for this course. Please email Anne at The Whisky Academy for assistance.

Networking and exposure

The itinerary has been designed to facilitate lots of networking opportunities, great exposure to distilleries and breweries in Tasmania and to give you an immersive distilling experience that will allow you to build knowledge and networks.


Saturday and Sunday nights

Lark Bar Hobart (we’ll probably head over Sunday for one post Day 1)

Hobart Brewing Company (see brew set up, urban shed brewery, and how a brewhouse can be set up for make wash)

Eateries on the wharf including: Drunken Admiral, Franks, Brick Factory, Maldinis, various pubs, asian, steaks etc

Bars including: Society, Gold Bar, Lark Bar, The Story Bar, The Whaler, Preachers, and many brewhouses up Elizabeth St to North Hobart