Christmas news from The Academy

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#WhiskyTas – Sharing amazing whisky education experiences. Welcome to the Christmas edition of Academy news. We’re pleased to be able to link the lovers of whisky with the experience that provides the education. View this email in your browser Intro to Distilling thumbs up The Academy’s inaugural Introduction to…

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Tassie secret to great whisky

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Tasmanian whisky! Yep, its pretty awesome. We seem to have a swag of clever distillers here who are doing outstanding things and attracting global interest. We’re winning awards, providing amazing experiences, attracting interest from around the world and in a matter of speaking our whisky is putting Tassie on the map. There…

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Tassie distilleries map

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If you’re in Tasmania, or coming to Tasmania you might like to know where to visit. Our distilleries and rebottlers are spread far and wide. Not all are producing whisky, some are doing fortifieds, some gin and some vodka…and other interesting spirits. Of the whisky distilleries, some have a cellar…

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About Tassie Whisky

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Tasmanian whisky has gained a recent global reputation as producing some of the best whiskies in the world. See the map here The whisky industry on this small Australian island is relatively new, with the first modern-day distillery established in 1992 by Bill Lark. Lark has become known as the…

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As we’ve been building the Whisky Academy we’ve had the enviable opportunity of speaking to many of the distillers, brewers, distillery owners, enthusiasts, supporters of the industry and consumers of this fine product on the journey.

The one thing that is evident across this diverse array of people is a common passion and enthusiasm for the industry and for our great Tasmanian product. It isn’t all beer and skittles of course, the backbone of  brewing and distilling  in Tasmania is the many hardworking business people that have carved their piece of the industry through sheer hard work, sometimes luck and without doubt and a good dose of passion. We thank all those we’ve already worked with for their generosity in sharing their knowledge.

Through this process we’ve come to understand that this work, this craft, the individual stories and the product is what makes our distilling and brewing industries so great. They, and the people that work in them, bring a vibrancy to Tasmania that is creating ripples through hospitality, tourism and is being felt by the many visitors that grace our shores.

There has certainly never been a better time to put your toe in the water of niche food and beverage industries in Tasmania. We’re hoping that over the next year we can help both the distilling and brewing industries, but equally industries such as cider-making and cheese and chocolate making to be able to further grow and provide opportunity for clever, talented and passionate people to find their way into these industries.

Exciting times ahead.


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