Qualifications and the General Certificate of Distilling

We have many people ask us about the value of qualifications and learning when starting out in distilling and again once they are up and going.

Without question, it is important to do your research and know the technical side of distilling as well the business stuff.

In the past few years, the Tasmanian Whisky Academy has run courses in partnership with the Institute of Brewing and Distilling including the General Certificate of Distilling course that has been held in both Hobart and Melbourne.

At the moment, the Institute of Brewing and Distilling is only offering these courses online and are assessing which courses they will roll out in 2020 to support distilling in Australia.

We will keep you updated with information as it comes to us.  For now thought, we’d love to share our gallery of fantastic distillers who have been to some of our IBD General Certificate event. We salute you all and have enjoyed watching you grow and thrive in your own businesses.


 australia's distillers  

Brilliant times team. Updates from our  2019 Tasmanian event coming soon.





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