TOP DISTILLERY JOBS – what are the jobs, who gets them?

In the last year we have been undertaking some study into the kind of roles that exist in the distilling industry. Our research indicates that management, distillers and front of house workers are the top three in the industry, indicating that if you want to work in distilling, that hospitality and customer service could be useful skills.

Not surprisingly, management is a lead role because in many cases smaller Tasmanian distilleries are owned and run by one or two people, who take on the job of owner, distiller, front-of-house, book-keeper, stock controller and chief bottle washer.

list of job roles in Tas distilleries

Keep in mind that the industry is changing all the time and that traditional pathways to enter the industry may also change. Its certainly worth looking at complementary industries such as brewing and cider making as well. In terms of what the distilleries are looking for – willingness, cultural fit and relevant skills. So our advice – keep an open mind, try all avenues and put your best version of yourself forward.

Research from: Tasmanian Distilling Industry Workforce Report 2017